Tuğgeneral Ziya Yergök Paşa, Enver Paşa ve 9’uncu Kolordu Kurmay Başkanı Şerif Bey’in Anılarında “Sarıkamış Harekâtı’’

A short summary of the memoirs of Brigadier General Ziya Yer Gök Pasha, which date back to 1950 and contain one thousand eight hundred pages, was published for the first time by retired teacher Osman İlker (İlker, 1992). I met Mr. İlker for the first time in a local newspaper published in Aydın, where we were co-authors. Our friendship developed over time. Mr. Osman gave me Ziya Pasha's memoirs, written in his own handwriting and including very good drawings, to publish them as a historian. I informed him that permission should be obtained from his family for the publication of the memoirs. We went to Balıkesir to obtain permission from Dr. Nurullah Yergök, the son of Ziya Yergök Pasha, and on June 21, 2001, we obtained the necessary permission from him. Ziya Pasha's memoirs were different from other memoirs in many respects. In his memoirs, Ziya Pasha looked at the events and situations he personally experienced through the eyes of a historian, soldier, sociologist and literary critic, and analyzed the geography in which the events took place and the social and cultural structures of the people living in this geography by describing them well. When we received the memoirs, on the one hand, we tried to transfer them to the computer and turn them into a Word document. On the other hand, we tried to compare the facts and events mentioned in the memoirs with other memoirs and publications. However, a long time passed while we were doing this. Later, these memoirs were published by Mr. Sami Önal (Önal, 2005). I congratulate the late Mr. Sami Önal (may his soul rest in heaven). When I learned that the memoirs had been published for the first time, I experienced two different emotions at once. I had missed the memoirs that I had prepared for publication with a long effort and labor by not publishing them on time. In other words, I was very sad that the memoirs exploded in my hands. On the other hand, I was very happy that the memoirs were published and published in large numbers, although no one except a few people were aware of my work. On August 3, 1914, when the Ottoman Empire declared mobilization, Ziya Pasha moved to Erzurum's Gez village with the 83rd Regiment, of which he was the Regiment Commander, and in November 1914 he moved towards Allahuekber Mountains with his troops. The Sarıkamış Operation, which took place between December 22, 1914 and January 05, 1915, in which Ziya Pasha was also involved, has been one of the most discussed fronts in the First World War with its time of execution, military logistics and military tactics.


World War I, Brigadier General Ziya Yergök Pasha, Enver Pasha, Sarıkamış Operation, Hafız Hakkı