Kutadgu Biliğ'de Bulunan Milli Giyim-Kuşam ve Takı Terimlerinin Doğrudan ve Mecaz Anlamları

The Kutadgu Bilig contains many of data concerning the ethnopolitical history, culture, beliefs, traditions, customs, diplomatic relations, cultural relations ties with neighboring countries, and trade, especially clothing, ornaments, jewelry, and accessories in the Karakhanid era. However, during the study, it was found that studies related to clothing and accessories were not fully investigated in the aforementioned book. Until today, didactic epic Kutadgu Bilig has been widely studied and many articles have been written. However, the study of the clothing and accessories of Kutadgu Bilig especially in the direct phraseological sense, was not specifically researched and was not written in the form of an article. Although it was written from time to time under other topics. We wanted to fill this gap. As a result, vocabulary associated with clothing, accessories, jewellery, precious stones, and additional elements used directly and interchangeably in a Didactic epic was identified and analyzed. The terms used directly have been validated by the dictionaries available today, their different meanings have been compared with those analysed by other researchers, and their opinions and suggestions have also been taken as references and analysed. Thus, the parallel of the terms used in the Middle Ages are completely identical in meaning and personality.


Kutadgu Bilig, terminology, clothing, accessories, direct meaning, alternating signifance, ethnocultural vocabulary