The French recognized Zonguldak, which has rich coal deposits, during the Crimean War. When they lost Loren which has rich coal beds to Germany after the Battle of Sedan, they turned to Zonguldak. They made various attempts to operate the coal mines here. After the architec Yanko got a port concession in Zonguldak, the French fund went to Zonguldak. They established a modern neighborhood for themselves in Zonguldak. They opened a hospital in the neighborhood and a school for girls and boys. They appointed a consul to the city. In addition, Franch missionaries came to Zonguldak and opened churches and schools. They were removed from the basin during World War I. When the Ottomans were defeated in the First World War, they came to the city again and occupied it. They did not face any reaction in the first months of the occupation. However, from the beginning of 1920, the supporters of the national struggle got stronger in the city became stronger. The French were not allowed to expand their occupation. After the Alemdar incident, the French had to put an end to the occupation of the city.


Zonguldak, Basin, France, coal, occupation